Types of training

Working closely with you, Gallowglass Training can write your training programmes to ensure that they meet your requirements and more than just tick the legal boxes!

We can deliver them for you, train your staff to deliver them or just leave you to it.

We are as flexible as you want us to be and are here to make sure all your training requirements are met.

We will contact you if there are any significant changes in the law and you can choose whether you would like it updated.

These training courses cover the whole process where employees or freelancers adjust and acclimatise to their jobs and the working environment. As part of the process, orientation can be used to refer to a specific course or training event that new starters attend.

Every organisation, regardless of size, should have a well-considered induction process. Employees who have a well thought-out induction are more likely to stay with you and freelancers are likely to be more productive.

Not worried about whether certificates are given out, want to combine but formalise information? We are happy to take our knowledge and put it into a training session that will answer your specific issues.

You tell us what you want, we listen, hopefully make some constructive suggestions and then we go away and write it up for you. As with inductions we can deliver it for you or you can deliver it yourself.

We can take the standard courses that we deliver and ensure that they also have a module that is specific to your requirements. We are not allowed by the certification bodies, and nor would it be fair if we could, to change their courses but we can always add a module which will relate specifically to your employees.

At Gallowglass Training we are here to make sure your events maximise their potential. Contact us for more information about how we can support you.